Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hobby Update: Warband for Oldhammer Day USA!

Hey there, gang. Long time since I posted, but I started a new job and the homework has been pretty bad for gaming. I have lamented before about dividing time between work, family and gaming, but it has been harder as I started the new gig. There are a tons of things going on behind the scenes for Oldhammer day, though! Dropzone is preparing, trying to line up some cool things to make it special. I do know on the forums we started talking about hotels, plans for dinner, etc. Hopefully we'll have guys getting in on that planning soon. If you have any cool ideas, please let me know!

I have finally made some progress on my Warband for our upcoming weekend in Baltimore, and I wanted to share some of my progress, as well as put in a plea for anyone else who is working on their warbands to send me some photos so I can show some of what you are working on (or links to your blog so I can link to it here).

Before I show you my stuff. I thought I would put up a photo from Darrin, as he is preparing a Rogue Trader Demo board for the day and he has some cool photos he put up on the facebook group:

So are those some great models, or what? If you want to play in the Demo, I'm sure we can get you some space - and Darrin is going to get me more info as soon as he can. (And thanks to Darrin for taking Rogue Trader on for the day!)

So my warband was 18 models, a Chaos Dwarf Champion, 7 humans and 10 beastmen. After taking some time to get my models together, I have now selected my warband and even got some paint on them during the holiday!

For my Chaos Dwarf champion I came up with cloud of flies, so I am going Nurgle, and I decided to use one of the new Pickford models by Clam. Excellent sculpts, and very cool models to add to your old marauder Chaos Dwarfs! Blue in Vt was kind enough to send me three to test out, and with my roll, it was a no-brainier on what I was going to do (just which one of the models I was going to use)! So I selected a skull mask, demon-looking weapon and a face shield (because I am still working on freehand shields!).

For my human mercenary Captain and his retinue I kinda had a harder time, as I have tons of old human models, but none looked or felt right for this project. I settled on some newer metal Marauder Thugs/Marauders (I think from 1997), because they were chaos enough, fit my story line of being slightly corrupted already (having worked for the Champion for a time), are metal and I had a big bag of these, so I could take and use these and still have a ton left over for another project someday.

My beastmen are a bunch of older beasts, with a few from 1993 (? I think ?) thrown in, including an old chariot rider that I'm converting into a standard bearer. Been trying to work on a good idea for these guys, and am taking the time to do some test models, so I don't have any progress on these guys yet (but more to come as I am working on them tonight!)

As I have stated before, I am not a golden deamon type of painter. Would love to be, and I tend to drool over things that I have seen (luckily enough to have seen a lot of incredible artists in person over the years!) but especially with time and ability, I am more of a "gaming" style painter. I did want to get these done, and make them look good.

But here are the WIP on my Warband - hopefully they'll be staring at you across a board in Oct!

Clam's excellent Ewal Dvergar mini from the talented Mr. Pickford! My choice for my CD Chaos Champion.

My Marauder Humans, just the best option right now.

My Beasts - a collection of old and really old ;)
Example of one test. Don;t think this will be it, but to give you an idea.
My Chaos Dwarf as of now. Working on concepts for the bases, so we will see.

Part of the Marauders WIP

Part 2 of the Humans.....

My work so far. Only 10 beasts, basing and I can at least play!

Anyway, that is the progress I was able to make on those guys. Bases are a bit up in the air, but I may be trying out Blue in VT's method if my tuffs get here in time for me to do them up (should but time is starting to get a bit cramped). If you are working on your Warband, send me photos (or even better blog about them)! I know lots of us are planning on doing this one, and Rusty is working on some great terrain as well!

I'll be putting up the warband rules later tonight or tomorrow (depending on help from the kids ;) ) and I also have some of the start of the siege stuff....

Let me know what progress you have made!

Thanks - Oh, and a link to Clam's models: Ewal Dvergar


  1. Great stuff and lucky you for rolling such a large warband these realms of chaos games all too often come down to he with the most toys wins so good luck.
    Haven't rolled mine up yet, skaven are still the #1 priority! BOW to CLAN SCOURGE!

    1. Yeah, im wondering if any of mine will be strong enough to count, but i do have numbers! But get your skaven painted, cant wait to see them!

  2. I like the two tone beastmen, unique. Your champion came out good too!

    Look forward to seeing them all painted & ready for the table.

    1. Thanks. Of course i had decided against that look, but after comments maybe Ill rethink it. Thanks, cant wait for October!

  3. These look great! And that two-toned Beastman is exceptional- great highlights, and a very original scheme. I say go for it!

  4. These all look Great Blake...Glad to see someone getting some painting done!

    1. Thanks Blue, though afraid they look better in photos than in real life....However, I also got the beastmen done - just gonna wait to publish them until everyone sees the Warbands scenario I just put up and I can get the Siege one ready! And first painting I've done since Dark Elves (except for a Beast of Nurgle and test high elf (I was teaching newbies to paint thier first figure and wanted to show them the basics....)). But so happy to get anything done for the Weekend! Cheers!

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