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Much Ado About Cake - Special Scenario for Oldhammer In The North starring the Zombies of Karr-Keel from Upstream Games House

So for the Oldhammer in the North event  - May 13th and 14th at Pandemonium Games!

Sorry for the rough image - i was at work and could only use microsoft paint.
I'll be running a special event. It stars our lovable little Zombies of Karr-Keel. Obviously, Brian Kirkell and his sister in law Laura (the artist) have come up with some incredible ideas and images that Kev Adams turned into some incredible new figures. Everything about this special birthday present (yep, that is right, this all started as Brian;s big 40 celebration! - So thanks to his wife Sarah as well!) You can find out all about them at the Facebook group that Brian started here.

And I think I showed this earlier, but it is fantastic - So Andrew Dyer's version of them painted here.

I was taken with the stories that Brian created for each miniature - just a project done right. So I told him I had an idea for creating an old-school scenario for them specifically. I'm going to get it all done as a pdf and release it shortly after the event. Think old school box scenario Terror of the Lichemaster or Blood at Orc's Drift.

Brian had done lots of the preliminary work on all the zombies, so I've been working on heroes and buildings (drawn card buildings like the old ones!). But for an event like Oldhammer Midwest I wanted to open it up so everyone could play what they liked. So I have created the following rules for the players to create a "party" of adventurers to have fun with the zombies on the day.

Basically they get to pick their race and the hero levels they want to pursue. And then they get to roll on random tables for add-on retinue (all basic stats for the attendants - so human basic stats for everyone human, Orc basic trooper stats for orcs, etc.). This should give us the mix we are looking for in the scenario at the event. I've included pdfs here and on the Oldhammer in the New World facebook group page.

Then once we get the event done, and I get the images all scanned in, I will publish out the scenario box here. I want to thank Brian so much for the inspiration and all of the hard work on the zombies themselves. Thanks to his sister in law Laura for the artwork, bringing an amazing thing to life. I hope he enjoys it when I send it to him.

And for those not watching - (Hey, git, Who are you?) - here is some amazing shots of the next set of the Zombies. My wallet is already crying.....

Just look at that horse! Love that!

Also, here is some other painted figures by people who already got the first set!

By Lissane Lake - taken from Facebook page.

By Lissane Lake - taken from Facebook page.

Jack and Daw posted with Marauder Wight by Michael Cassidy from Facebook page.

Thursday, March 30, 2017



Oldhammer In The
We are finally going to have an event in the ‘New World’ Midwest!
Pandemonium Games in Garden City Michigan
May 13th and 14th
They are open 10 o’clock of the morning until midnight on Saturday
They are open Noon until 8 o’clock on Sundays.
Scenarios for WFB 3rd, Open gaming, Adeptus Titanticus, Dark Future
If you remember it from you childhood, bring it and play!
Those interested in running games please PM Blake on Facebook.

Save the date, tell your friends, you won’t want to miss this!

The great guys at Pandemonium Games have agreed to host an Oldhammer Weekend in their store. Its in Garden City Michigan. (map)

If you have not been to Pando before, you are in for a treat! You can find tons of games and large gaming area, and even hard to find products at times. Their website has a lot of details here.

But we are talking about Oldhammer! All weekend, and tons of fun.

I'm bringing Dark Elves (3rd ed), Adeptus Titanticus, my Dark Future, And a Oldhammer History selection from my museum to display.

The Zombies of Karr-Keel Special Scenario!

I'm also running a WFB 3rd Ed scenario based on Brian Kirkell's excellent (and wife's generous birthday gift) Zombies of Karr-Keel. For this everyone will pit their warband against all other players, as we investigate the secrets, mysteries and terror that is Karr-Keel! I plan on this Saturday evening, so hopefully lots can already have some games in. I'm also going to have a limited amount of these great figures with me for you to pick up - especially if you missed your chance! 

(Also check here for painted versions by Andrew Dyer and follow this blog!)

We will also have a painting competition with three categories - single figure, large figure and best 80s/90s paintjob (has to be original paint job on old model). Come and enter your masterpiece, or see everyone's efforts!

We already have a bunch of people signed up to come, with another bunch that are hoping to make it as well. We may even have the 2nd-4th edition 40k father of Genestealer Cults. More on this if his schedule will allow.

Go to the event page on facebook, sign up, and get yourself there. Let us know if you want to run a game, are bringing your army to take on all challengers, or just stopping by to check it all out.

Currently working on artwork and hope to have t-shirts if we can! More details to follow.

I have not been posting a lot, and work and health have killed a ton of time. But remember, I started this whole thing because I wanted a cool event with like-minded Oldhammerer's and a great time. The first several have been a huge sucess, and tons of fun, but out east, and I am unable to get to them all. So here is one for our Midwest gang. Hope to see anyone who's interested in cool models, great FUN games, talking about old school history, or that game of yore you still remember. 

So come on and make it!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Oldhammer In the New World Zine - From the far west comes a lone figure, coming out from the desert with tales of Hobby!

It has been WAY TOO long since any posts have graced this blog. Afraid I have been on forced sabbatical because I have been so busy with Life and Work. that is it. I will try to do better. Some news to come hopefully soon!

However, from the far west, coming out of the sunset comes a man........

The golden sun was just setting, turning the desert sky into sea of red. The undulating sky like the mad waves in a world gone mad. The sand, which the wind has scoured into us all day, settling into the nooks and crannies of our clothes. Four doomed men on our way, lost looking for any sign of the correct path. As the sun set and the land grew cooler, we knew it was time to find shelter or die in this gruesome and lonely desert.

We hove to, piling into a section of rock, scoured by the wind and sand over the years, bleak bones of the earth shooting out from the constantly shifting soil. We made camp and started a fire.

And then one of us noticed him. A tall, lone figure, almost gaunt approached out of the sunset, seemingly not there one moment, and then after a glaring flash of shadow passed out from the sun into our view. He made his steady way to our fire, nerve seeming to rush, nor hesitant. Just a solid character woven from the play of shadow and light in the desert.

He approached and stated "Ho, The fire!" As though we were not all standing watching him come, our hands nervously twitching for holds on our weapons. But I noticed, all of my companions were reluctant to draw too close to the weapons. Afraid to test this one man against us four.

 Finally, I was surprised to hear someone state : "Ho, walker. Approach."

I was even more surprised when I noticed it was my throat that had uttered the words.

As he approached, eyeing us hardly at all, we gleaned every detail we could, from his travel clothes to the well-worn hilt protruding from his side.

"So what are you all doing out here? Crossing this land and is seemingly dire straits? This is not the kinds of land to cross if you have foul intentions. And it is a foul time to read where you are not known....." he trailed off. The slide from innocent question to stark declaration, jarring in there presentation.

We flinched. We looked quietly at one another. Then I swallowed and said: "We mean no harm, sir. Nor did we mean to trespass on your land, if it is. We are into bandits from the high country, or anywhere. We are just out looking for the path. The sacred path. To the Game."

He sat still for a moment, the cool desert wind brushing his hair, and his dark eyes, squinted as he measured us.

He smiled. then sat at the fire grabbing a stick, and lightly pushing at the coals. "Well, sit down. I have some news for you. I have a document you need to see. It will guide you to the Game, boys. It'll bring you sights and sounds of battles ages gone by...."

He produced a wrapped package from his saddlebag. He gently un-wrapped it, motioning for us to get him some of our beer. And when he was finally ready, pulled out a small set of papers. An unfamiliar logo on the cover....he chuckled. And said, "Can you boys read?".

Startled...for a moment, then Jebediah muttered " Not all that well...."

"Well, the old man said. Let me start. "Oldhammer in the New World. The fanzine of Oldhammer in the Americas!"


Ah, telling tale around the campfire. Of course, our "fire" is now the internet. But it is sometimes amazing to me how hard it is to sometimes find the places we need to be - often when they are right in front of us.

Most of you know that I started my blog originally to have an event where we could emulate Bring Out Your Lead in Britain. We had a great event, and there have been several more, Weekends where incredible minis have been played across great fields, and like minded people have been able to gather for beers and talk. It could not be better.

Always one problem though. While the UK is tightly packed with gamer, and has had Games Workshop stores in just about every major community. The US (and indeed the Americas since we include our Canadian Brethren) is just HUUGE in comparison.

We established Oldhammer in the New World on face book and it has now grown to over 300 members. But we also constantly find people on the Oldhammer community pages that are in the US or Canada, and yet have no idea we try to hold events, or share pics and ideas on our North American page as well.

The people we have met through these events stay in touch, host other games in basements and stores, and continually spur each other on for more hobby all the time. Of course, these guys I have met also have long running discussions, that have continued to make me laugh and try for more all the time. I mean, long running jokes bind us all together.

One of those gentleman, who lives way out west and has now attended events out East, probably earning the farthest traveled Oldhammer member in the US in the process is Sean T. Squires. You can find his blog here. Like AirborneGrove26, he has given us some incredible battle reports using Comic Life (which even has a 30 day free trial) making our battles come alive as comics.

The humor they put into these things are incredible and they have a great "Oldhammer vibe". And they really highlight some of what we are getting up to over here on this side of the pond.

But Sean wanted to show more. He wanted to try to do a Zine. That is right, one man in a desert, having to travel for any games, has been quietly working on his project and has finally released it into the world. He has placed this on the files page for Oldhammer in the New World's facebook page.

So in order to get this new cool zine - come on over. Once you are accepted you can see what we have been getting up to in the Americas! If you are new to America and have some cool models to show off, get some info to Sean, he is currently looking for more submissions for issue 2 and beyond!

As an aside: Why do we find these things so much fun (besides the great people we have met?) At the first Oldhammer Weekend, I had several "extras" I had brought with me, and I was able to get Andrew Dyer a giant ogre. Later on - I was able to see that ogre (who had been in my collection since 1990's beautifully painted. You can see that here and Andrews blog as well.

Of course, event blogs were all over the place over the last big Oldhammer Weekend but before I could even post this - some already got together for another meeting in a deep dungeon....But here are some blogs to follow for that info:

Of course Blue in Vt (who I originally met online at Chaos Dwarf Online)
ZeroTwentyThree's blog!
AirborneGrove26's amazing musings!
The man the myth the legend - He of Three Names (With some incredibly cool house rules called Rogue Ops allowing for stealhty attacks!)

And follow their links to even more hijinks! I promise they all post more often than I!

But come on over to the facebook group, and You will see more posts by artists like Lissane Lake, and some great old figures by Dave Matalon (who is currently hoping to find more Oldahmmerer's in the LA area! See Thomas I. Rabbits incredible units! Chris McCandless who puts up so many great shots of games with Rusty Gouldman (man I wish I was closer!) The Kirkell Brothers, Urion Franz, Anthony Bo, Leland Erickson, Ma Willet, Gary McGregor, Dustin M. Haberstumpf, Will McMahon, Frederick J Rose, Sam Gallagher, Jason Timko, Nathan Heazlett, Kronos Lee, Paul Martin Reilly, Joe Krone and his Watchful I, Frederick J Rose, and more have all posted incredible picture of their hobby. Gorgeous minis/units painted up - Games played, stories of old figures found, How to get that pesky paint off a just bought treasure on ebay. It is because of these members and many more not listed (sorry I can't list EVERYONE) that this has truly become a special place on the net to go and unwind.

Oh, and one other thing: Two more events coming up soon:

Shorehammer - where David "Ork" Kolar and gang are hosting some Oldhammer! (not much notice I know as this is Dec 3 and 4th in Ocean City Maryland- but if you are nearby, you should give it a whirl. Once you have been to one of these, you'll never want to miss one!

Oldhammer Weekend Maine 2017 - is being put together by Don Sargent way up int he northern wilds. He has boards and games and even an event model he has put together. (I can't make Maine unfortunately but I hop I get one!) This is scheduled on January 21st 2017 at Greenhouse Games in Gardner Maine. So go there and ignore the inauguration as much as you can!

Keep posting everyone - and we will be seeing each other in 2017 and beyond! I even have a new reason to start posting more often - so more to come sooner than later!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Collecting Oldhammer Style - The long search for Happiness!

If you are anything like me, then you have lists. Your "Top Ten Dream" figures, predominated by things like the Chicken Dragon, The Citadel Giant, The Dwarf Juggernaut, and others. For some this might include the other dragons, like the Great Spined Dragon, or The Emperor Dragon. and if you get one of these gems, there are always more to fill the list back up!

Then there are the "current needs lists". The items you need for that force you are collecting, That figure in the scenarios that you are preparing, the old school McDeath search, and others. These are the ones you troll on eBay and the trading sites hoping to find them in a job lot or a reasonable deal with a fellow Oldhammerer. Most of these, while not as rare as some others, are very pricey in the real world, and stupendously stupidly priced in the BIN world of eBay. 67 pounds for an infantry sized figure....we all know the type.

And then there are "The Ones". they have been in several catalogs. you know they exist. this is not the Nuln Spearman. These are "regular models". But for some reason, YOU can't find them. Long ago you found it existed, and you even tried to order sleeves through a store. Buying 12 blisters to get your hands on this one figure....only to find out the sleeve you got, didn't have him. Maybe he is rough on the mold, so he is "out of service" a lot. I used to think maybe he was just hard to come by in the states. That if only I had a friend in England, I could have a ton of them.Maybe you finally find one, and he won't sell it to you. Maybe your local store never got more than one, and someone bought it, and every reorder went unfulfilled. But the thing is it isn't supposed to be rare, or limited. But for you it begins to be a quest. For a VERY long time my top little figure that I wanted most was this guy: Shown here in the Citadel Journal Spring 1987 version. He's listed here as Bombost. Thank you for all catalog images from Orclord at Stuff of Legends, And especially thank you since he is currently updating and adding on to this glorious resource!

Now some of you have three of him, or have traded several. Well good for you. That is kinda my point. For me here in the USA, he WAS rare. Here he is in the 1988 Catalog and the 1991 Red Catalog (Part 2 of the 1991 catalogs) known by the number 01 and then Axe 17. Man, you really don't know how long I searched for Axe 17. I did meet Mark in Dayton OH, and he had one....so at least I knew he was "real" in that he existed and was sold. Though, of course, Mark only had one and would not sell him to me. I didn't blame him.....wait, yeah I did!

I even went to work at GW in mid 90's (which is not too long after this article appeared!). The metal room was a collector's dream. But guess what? No Axe 17's to be found! Even when bits was working! I even looked at the metal room in the UK, but whether due to time or mislabeling, I never could find him.

And then, you got White Dwarf 135. And Wayne England not only had multiples in his Longbeard unit, he converted one to be the standard. Oh, how I wanted enough of him so I could do that!

And of course, a few months later in White Dwarf 144 we found out he used even more in his Clansmen unit!

So You have this model you desperately want. and you need more than one!

I did eventually find this guy, if memory serves me I finally found someone willing to part with him back in 97 or 98... (after 10 years or so!) I got one that had been primed white. Blue in Vt helped me get my second one not very long ago, and I am still on the lookout for more! Does anyone know, is there a reason this guy seemed rarer (without the rareness of limited edition stuff)? Are there tons across UK and Europe, and he was only rare in the US? Or was he pretty regular, and only seemed rare to me.

One other thing about this little guy, back in that Citadel journal he was named as Bombost, but on his tab, it actually displays "Bombo". Just so you know.

As many of you know, we recently lost Wayne England. I only got to meet him once long ago, though I believe beer was involved, it was his sense of humor that always stayed with me (even before the beer!). I was lucky enough to get back in touch with him, and that led to us having the Wayne England T-shirts and Prints available at the Second USA Oldhammer Weekend!

I helped sell a modest amount of Prints and Shirts, but even better got to start talking to Wayne. He was even kind enough to send me some original drawings from his Earl series. I know how excited he was to think of them as minis, and he even mentioned sending me some. I was planning on making a 3 part frame, 2 for the artwork he sent me and a small box so I could put the unit on display with the art. Kind of a triptych of design and finished product.

I do hope that someday we will get to see Earl become a reality in metal, but obviously there are a lot more important things.

So I wanted to do something else. My plan is to recreate Wayne's Longbeard unit, and I'll put them in the box to go with the original artwork he was so kind to send me. For many of us Oldhammer's that White Dwarf 135 launched 1000's of dwarf armies around the world. Just check out Bugman's and you are amazed of how many first found their love for Dwarfs after viewing that magazine. The Oldhammer Community has discussed this many times before: See Orlygg's Realm Of Chaos 80s:

Acceptable in the '80s: Wayne England's Dwarf Longbeards

Acceptable in the '80s: Wayne England's Dwarf Army: Part Two

So I plan on recreating that unit (with my own poor painting skills) and this is the first Project Blog. So first, I have to figure out how to get a hold of the miniatures, and which ones I need.

And there it is in its glory. One note. I know that Wayne sold this army off to someone. I also know he regretted it. I mean, when I started talking to him, I just had to ask. But he didn't seem to remember who he sold it to (at the time we were chatting at least). So if you know where it is, or who has it, please let us know. I am pretty sure we would all love to get some photos of it and some individual minis. But it would be nice to just know it is safe.

But I tried as best as I could to map out the unit and the models that Wayne used in creating them. Going through the catalogs and flyers and things I came up with the following list. I tried to use the Red Catalog from 1991 (Citadel Miniatures Catalogue Part two), since it is the one most of us froth over. There were a few surprises as well. But here is the list: (here is a pdf so it is clearer)

The first thing that was not a surprise since I have always memorized that guy on the upper left, was my old friend Bombo, and of course, he is there again with the banner! Second the third guy in from the left in the front row.....I couldn't find him. Orclord pointed out he is a known unlisted one shown here on Collecting Citadel Miniatures Wiki! After quite a while of searching it was nice to have Orclord find this, so thanks! The other mystery I had was the one in the back row, fourth from the left. I couldn't see the duck head in any of the catalog pages I had at hand. Blue in Vt confirmed he had one, but I was trying to find him in the catalogs. We did finally find him in the 1988 Catalog on page 308. The rest are scattered across the pages of the Red Catalog. I also had to kinda guess at the guy on the upper right corner, as he is pretty obscured. I think I made a good attempt. If anyone sees any mistakes I made, please get in touch so I can correct it.

I have a ton of dwarfs, though some are painted, and some are partially painted, I don't have too many that are clear, so I am trying to treat myself a little, and buy all new models for the unit. Then I'll get them painted up, and ready for that display.

But anyone have any Axe17's to spare?

Do you or did you have a non-rare/available/released model that you just couldn't find? What was it, did you find one eventually? Still looking? Let us know.

Also - I still am working on the Stuff of Legends Big Game write up from Adepticon. LOTS of pictures to sort out the good ones that show the action....but it is coming!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Way back machine - And we are back.

Way Back Machine - Black Sun (GW Mail Order)

And Current Events - Adepticon And Oldhammer Spain!

Hello, Been a while, and life gets in the way. Almost died twice, but recovering. so here is something very cool for anyone who used to order mail order long ago. Along with your White Dwarf Subscription you could get copies of the Black Sun. The post cost being what they were, I never got he subscription but I had heard of these at a convention a long time ago in the late 80s. But Black Sun was a way for them to push new products in mail order share a few laughs and discuss with the "pack" of Subscribers! After all, if you subscribe you were just as mad as they were!

Games Workshop USA in the late 90's also put out the Troll magazine with White Dwarf to subscribers, including things like conversion of the month and special deals on figs (or at least packages).

I'm including scans of Issue 2 (Sept/Oct 1984).  I believe due to the discussion about Origins that this one is from 1984.The credits state it was put together by Steve Williams And Robert Neville with Illustration by Trevor Hammond. Clive Thompson, Ian Marsh and Marc Gascoigne assisted with Shelagh Dwyer doing the layout. It was short lived, but lets see what is in there:

This is a bit different, as it was more about what Games Workshop was selling through their mail order back in 1984, so covers Star Trek, Ringworld and a whole host of other things. However, some sharp art by Mr, Hammond, some great joke pages, and it does capture that feeling of the 80s. The same sense of humor gave us a lot of the greatest moments in Warhammer!

I'm sure some of the other issues mention the figures, or Warhammer itself. But here we go:

Here is the Cover!

Wonder who Man-thing 5714611 was and what the number signified (if anything).

Page 3 - Talks about new releases and what will be coming in.

More New stuff, and very vocal put downs on prices, packaging and even TSR! Very Snarky. 

Right, can you imagine current GW requesting Torture Tips? I like the art style too, again, by trevor Hammond

Chaosium did SF with Ringword. Very interesting review.

The basement...err Catacomb clear out for Mail Order. We had Bob's Bargain Basement when I was at GW USA .

Tongue in Cheek bit for all you who cheated with the Fighting Fantasy series!

They brought this out at Games Day. They got quite a bit of money by printing the old games over there for american companies. a lot better than paying shipping. Unfortunately it has gotten a lot more expensive recently. Be weird if we go back to those days.

Review of fanzines and other pubs.....wow, haven't even heard of most of these.

And what old school 'zine/advertisement would not have the old competition Quiz? Place your answers in the comment section below :)!

OK, so some memories from the mid-80s for those of us who were alive back then. And maybe something you have never seen. this remains the only issue of Black Sun that I have personally owned, and I have no idea how many their actually were. I'm not sure if this team made a bunch or if someone else had to take over. I do think Mike Brunton and Tim Pollard might be able to answer some of this.

I know there are more of these out there, and I'd love to see some copies of them. So if you have them please get in touch with me.

Below are the links to the PDFs Laid out. You have to print them back to back, then fold them in half as a "magazine". But they are better quality then the jpgs I put in this piece. Enjoy. And if you have any others, please send me a message in the comments below or scans of yours!

Black Sun Vol 2 Pg 1 Sept Oct

Black Sun Vol 2 Pg 2 Sept Oct

Black Sun Vol 2 Pg 3 Sept Oct

Black Sun Vol 2 Pg 4 Sept Oct

Black Sun Vol 2 Pg 5 Sept Oct

Black Sun Vol 2 Pg 6 Sept Oct

On the other front, We just had a great few days of gaming at Adepticon where "Orclord" from Stuff of Legends, Rusty and Caius (of the building goblin Doom Diver that was not allowed to fire!)  hosted an incredible game with Orcs rampaging across the river at the Stalwart Empire (Damn those guns!). I can't do it justice on this post, so I plan another for the game itself, but here is just one picture: (I will state though I could only attend 1 day for crappy reasons, it was a BLAST!)

Reserves are off the table (you can see just some of the Orcs & Gobbo reserves at the top of the picture). Though it may not look it, the Orcs did get into the and over the emplacements! And this game also had 2 Old school Citadel Giants (mine adn Orclord's!

On the forthcoming Oldhammer front, the guys are planning on games at Historicon, and a weekend in October (Oldhammer USA Weekend #3!) in VA. In fact they are working on getting the date together so come on to Oldhammer In The New World Facebook Page to find out more and keep up to date (Plus find a bunch of us Oldahmmer Loons right here in the states!) We are still finding more and more people who have not seen this or did not know we were having Oldhammer Weekends...so lets find more to join us!

Some incredible minis in the Oldhammer Spain Case - Can't wait to see the close ups on the blogs out there!

Right now the Oldhammer Spain guys are having their first Weekend, and it looks fantastic. and guys if anyone knows how to get me one of those shirts - please let me know - size XXL! :) I'll pay!

I want one - I'll pay for it and shipping - Contact me please!

I started this blog a long time ago, in order to try to get some kind of get together for Oldhammer here in the States. I've been lucky enough to meet some great people, get together and have some great times and games! Congrats on doing the same Spain! So glad to see this still growing. Now my next blog is almost done. Its been hard, but I think it will be worth it! See you soon!