Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oldhammer Day - 2014 Warband Table - Village WIP (And Warband Mini Photos)

Ok, as many have commented on my previous post, Rusty is pretty darn good at this terrain thing! Its going to be a complete joy to clash over this thing. Well, he sent me some WIP shots of the village. Of course, according to him, he has to fix the wall, and add some more vegetation and stuff until it is ready to go....Me I'd be happy to play on it now! Rusty also asked me to remove the black village images from the last post, which I will, but hopefully we can do a step by step later! But he was not happy with just a black village.

Of course there is one other thing that is outstanding in these photos.....a Rusty's warband minis! Great oldhammer figs, with great styled oldhammer paint jobs.....you just have to love the checks! I know he threw a few other things on there so we could see what the courtyard area will be like. Some great paint jobs Rusty!

Anyway, Here are the pics....but if you are painting your warband.....get some photos up on your blog, the facebook page, the forum....or just send them to me! The more people see the more excited they tend to get....me I'm giddy (or had too much to drink tonight ;) )

Great Wall, foliage and Buildings nestled in the wood.

Some strange looking villagers, but I'd live there!

Chaos enters the village area

Room for quite a few!

And wonderful painted minis - think the Champion on foot is actually in Rusty's warband.....so you'll get to play against these crazy good paint jobs!
You can really see the checkered boots from this angle!

Well, there is some more looks at the Warbands table...lots more to do, his plans have even gotten bigger now! More updates from Rusty ahead.....but till then, get some paint on some models, and get the pics up! Cheers!


  1. Very inspirational. I hope to build a gaming board after BOYL so Rusty's work will be my first port of call soon. Keep up the sterling work and I look forwards to seeing Oldhammer USA happening!

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