Sunday, July 20, 2014

Oldhammer Day - 2014 Warband Table - Terrain WIP Photos

Hello Everyone! Big stuff going on, We'll be announcing that a bit later. Today has been very difficult, as I had to play Daddy Day-Care all day, and then when my better half got home, she was not feeling well, so Daddy Evening-Care bit into my writing time. Lots of it on Facebook already, so I'll just write up another post in a bit.

However I wanted to show some great WIP photos from Rusty Gouldman's work on our Warbands Table! This will host the village and Monastery that you will be fighting over, Champions of Chaos! Rusty is really great at making terrain, and does all of the hard bits and makes them look easy. Then you start hearing him talk about his own rubber moulding (like window frames, chimney toppers and the like) or his static grass applicator or the layers and layers or individual bricks he cuts to create walls or shingles.....and you realize that he's fallen deeper down that rabbit hole than you! In a VERY good way!

To give you guys some idea, the table concept came from this table in the 3rd Edition Rulebook,

Darn Right, EVERY gamer's dream! Not sure, but as far as I know, who made this table, or who owned it or where it was is never mentioned. I know Rusty and I would love to find out. But incredible none-the-less!

You can see other pics of the same table in the Rulebook.

And a close up on the Monastery where Monks of Morr have angered the Chaos Gods in our game.

Now Rusty has taken this idea and started in on our Warband table, and while we could do a long step by step maybe later (or describe the steps that he takes, I thought I would just use pictures to show the progress he has made. This could be a great idea starter for some of you for your own tables or games. Rusty has done this professionally for an awful long time, and while he has forgotten more than most of us have probably learned about terrain, luckily he'll be there to help run the Warband event with me so you can pick his brain. What follows are some WIP shots of half of the Warbands table (which can also be used for  Bolt Action WW2).

Basic Outlay of table is designed and rough cut in. Notice Liquid is your friend!

Believe this is the Spackle layer, remember to coat with pva glue so it does not crack.

Not sure on all of the components in this layers, but I think it includes steps of sand, glue, rubble rocks and bigger uns!

The table is painted in layers of color, and ready for the application of static grass.
Here are some pics of that half of the table in use with some Bolt Action figures. Rusty is making this table multi-use, and whole sections can be added to change it up.

Now I just can't wait to call the Dark Lords down to watch us on this table!

Rusty then sent me some WIP shots of this bit tonight. Lucky us, the girls kept me at this long enough I can add this in. So this is the village that holds our victims, er.....the villagers of Montagne. Pics pretty much speak for themselves, but thought you should see it.

I removed these by Rusty's can see more in the next post!

Now I will admit, that a full blown gaming board like Rusty is making is incredible and I am so looking forward to playing on it. Reminds me of Duke Seifried's games. Funnily enough, most of my wargame table building went into things made for Games Day or Retailers (or a couple of cool pieces for a Gorka Morka Board that made White Dwarf). The building room Games Workshop had was pretty hard to beat. Hopefully this might encourage you to take a stab at something, or at least spark some questions for Rusty at Oldhammer Day.

Another cool thing is what Erny has gotten up to over on his blog. Takes a bit of bravery to cut into something so rare and cool, but if you can't use it, what is it really worth to us? Check his thing out here.    For my part, one thing that really interests me is huge fortifications, siege towers and mighty armies clashing over a as a sneak peak, this is a picture of my inspiration for my siege board....Another game at Oldhammer USA 2014! More to come from Rusty, and more to see at the show!


  1. Great work on the table and scenery! We in the UK are going to have to avoid complacency if we don't want to be embarrassed!

    I have a vague feeling that table in the 3rd rules belonged to John Stallard, I remember it was John and later the Perry's who always hosted the games for the GW lot. I definitely recall that the monastery was actually re-purposed Peninsular War terrain!

  2. Rusty is the Man! I can't wait to see that bad boy in person!

  3. Great looking board. Hopefully I will get to play on it one day.

  4. Ohh! The agony I feel at not being able to go is almost as bad as the back pain that has kept me bed ridden the last three days. Time to make a pact with the powers of chaos.

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