Thursday, May 22, 2014

Warbands: OITNW 2014 - Creating your Warband and Learning from the Past

I've been getting these rules ready for everyone, and I have a load of pdfs made for those who need them or want quick access to the tables. But I also think that we would be fools if we did not pay attention to how this was done at the original Oldhammer day by our good friend Orlygg!

So with his kind permission, I'm going to link to his blog on the articles that he wrote about starting a warband. We are going to follow several of his steps, just to make this consistent and fair for everyone. You can of course roll everything up, as normal, and we can all understand this is done on trust. However, I like James's method of picking a positive and negative trait (rolling, but not keeping any excess traits). Also, our warband game does include both books, and the scenario will include all of the gods, so you can bring anything!

To give you an insight into the event that we want to duplicate here are the links to Orlygg's Warband info:

Realm of Chaos 80s - Warband Creation Advice

Realm of Chaos 80s - Mass Warband Explained

Realms of Chaos 80s - Rituals Of Combat

Realm of Chaos 80s - Guide to the Battleground

We are going to have a slightly different scenario, I'll be posting that up soon. But it will be similar, on a 5x10 board, with an "edge" for each group of gods. Rusty is making something cool, so I want to reveal a little bit more later! But hopefully we get some pictures! We are going to have the basic VP chart to see the side who wins and the winning champion. The scenario will have a few additional things, but I'll post that up with the scenario. (Its hard writing those fiction entries~!)

If you have your copy of Realms of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness or Realms of Chaos - The Lost and The Damned, you'll have just about everything to get ready. Follow the rules, though I suggest rolling for the starting profile instead of taking a base profile, as it just is not "hero" enough. Get your starting equipment, by rolling and choosing. (this is when you can start adding a back story to your character.....was he a fallen knight? take a warhorse! A soldier of the empire? A Halberd! Dark Elf noble? Repeating Crossbow!)  I then pick one attribute (roll and take one positive or one cosmetic) and then normally you'll have one for your Mark, with whatever else comes with it. We will roll for any special weapons on the day (just like Orlygg suggests), so we can all witness your righteous fury. Also we will not be accepting any rolls with technology - keep the laser cannons at home this time. Then you roll for your retinue, and start building up your models for your warband. Now just paint them and show up on the day! Understand that this is all about chaos and randomness, so please do roll for your stuff (though you can choose the starting race for your Champion (though I did not)).

And here are links to the important tables from ROC LOTD:

Making a Champion and Starting Equipment

Starting Profile and Marks of Chaos

Attributes Summary Chart

Gifts of Chaos Gods and Gifts Summary

Retinue Table - please note this is the newer one from LOTD. It is my preferred one because it adds the minis that Citadel had released up till then (like the Centaurs). You can use either this one or the one in ROC Slaves to Darkness (There Rob, that should sort you out! ;) )

Chaos Champion Record Sheet

Chaos Warband Record Sheet

Well here goes for me:

I decided to roll for everything, and my first roll was an 18 - So my champion is a chaos dwarf!
Then I rolled a 58, so my character is a level 15 hero. For starting Equipment my total was a 7, So I took Heavy Armor, Shield, Double Hand Axe and a Sword.

I rolled my first attribute, and amazingly got Cloud of Flies. Since I had wanted to do a Nurgle hero, this was more than perfect and my "positive"  attribute. With Mark of Nurgle, I am already +1 Toughness and my second random attribute that I rolled was Bestial Face (+1 Fear Point) which covered my cosmetic attribute.

I then used Orlygg's chart:
If your character is level 5 roll 4 times
If your character is level 10 roll 3 times 
If your character is level 15 roll twice
If your character is level 20+ roll once

My first roll was a 24, or 2d6 Beastmen of Nurgle. (4+6)
I then rolled a 68, so I got a 2d4 Mercenary Band and Captain. (2+4)

For the Captain I rolled a 03, so he was a level 5 hero.

So I am all set with my Chaos Dwarf Champion of Nurgle, his retinue of a mercenary captain, 6 soldiers and 10 Beastman of Nurgle. so I now have 17 miniatures to get ready for the Warbands Challange. I'll be putting up some background info on these guys, as well as my pics of them as I get them ready.....Hope to hear from you guys on what yours are. Or send some pics or post them on Facebook! Let em know if you have any other questions!

OITNW - 2014 - Come and give your warband a tryout!


  1. I sure hope I am lucky enough to roll-up some centaurs. :)

    1. Hope you do as well, sicne we already talked about it ;) Good luck on your rolls, and have fun!

    2. No such luck. On my first shot I just got a CD Champ and a single Hobgoblin as a retinue. Lol

      I am going to do them up, but am going to give it another shot in the hopes of getting 10-12 models. Bernie and Ert need some pals. :)

  2. Sounds good but means another thing to put in the painting cue.

  3. More painting, true. But its SO going to be worth it!

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  5. OK, here's my attempt at creating a Chaos Warband: