Monday, May 19, 2014

Hobby Update - Adepticon Metal Dark Elves (and a bit on Oldhammer) and an old school Dragon

Ok, finally some hobby stuff! But first, a quick Oldhammer In The New World 2014 - Baltimore (OITNW 2014) update:
First, I now have the warband rules, and just have to write them up and pdf them for everyone, which I will hopefully get done tonight and post as soon as I can. Also, we now have some Rogue Trader games set up for the day - more info to come later! And we should have the Golden Gobbo rules hopefully by the end of this week. Dave Taylor (former GW employee and Wargames Illustrated Editor), multiple Golden Demon winner and incredible hobbyist has agreed to be one of our judges for the Golden Gobbo at DropZone Games. You'll have to work hard to impress him, but that is kinda the point, right? He also - unlike me- can take incredible photos, and will probably put some up on his blog, promoting Oldhammer to even more people! We already have a lot of people planning on being there, and hopefully we'll add more. One thing suggested on the forums was maybe planning ahead and trying to get into a hotel and possibly get a group rate. Please go to the forum to discuss that plan, or if you have any suggestions. I did link to three nearby hotels, and there are also some restaurants near the store, but not right there (the store is basically in a business park, so you do have a small drive just about anywhere) unless something has changed since I worked there! Also, remember that I'm making the trip from Michigan, so have about 16 hours to get there with my family. Luckily I have some great help closer to the event, but the concept is to make it your day - so if you have something cool you want to try, get in touch and I'll get your table reserved!

This hobby update is for an army I built for 8th edition, but includes a lot of old metal - no not terribly ancient Dark Elves (though I'll get some pics of my shades which do include some old guys) but at least honest to goodness metal! For Adepticon, and the recent Great Lakes Warhammer League season, I played Dark Elves. I have played them before, but played Lizardmen for Becalming Cogitation. They took that away, so I went back to Dark Elves for a bit. I painted this army in quite the rush (most of my hobby nowadays unfortunately), and they are absolutely not even finished as an army, but they are done enough to play with. I did have to include two new things (darn plastic toys) to make this work for 8th edition, so ignore them if you are just looking for old stuff....the Kharbidysis was actually painted the day before I went to Adepticon, and I got him to this stage in just over an hour. (I had to pack ;) ). As I said, rushed. And I'll be the first to admit that I will probably never win too many awards for painting, I'm always drooling over Blue's minis or James awesome Bestiary models, not to mention Nico's amazing stuff! But for me, I get a very small amount of time to game at all, and painting gets taken out of my gaming allotment ;( Funny thing, I do enjoy painting, I just enjoy gaming more - mainly because you do it with a friend. The whole reason I do the 8th stuff still is because of my oldest buddy from high school (so he knows where a lot of the bones are buried!) was seduced into Warhammer by me, and he loves tournaments. So I've been still playing some 8th because of him. Big part of gaming of course is social, one of the big reasons I am so looking forward to OITNW in October!

Anyway, here are the pictures for my army, please be gentle on the comments, understanding all of the above. I'm not entering these into Golden Gobbo, they were just figures I could get painted up in time. 

The whole thing.
Bolt throwers - I have older ones, but these are red and black.

Bolt Thrower crew.

Black Guard

Black Guard close up.

Bonehead Hydra.


Dark Riders

Some characters.

The 1 hour Kharbidysis

The master.
Dark Riders 2

The Cauldron and Deathhag.

The big unit of Witch Elves.

Poisonous, Hate-filled, Frenzied Witches.....they want to see if you can be there friend!

Some of the Command

The Warlocks

Again, sorry for the pics (old Sony hand held, so not great) and the paint, but at least it is some hobby! I'm working on all of the rules and stuff for OITNW 2014, and a few extra individual models. But let us know if you are bringing anything special, and when we start getting going on the Warbands, post some of yours up, Rusty and I are going to post our warbands here as we get them done. So watch this space. I also have to get all the orc stuff and eventually some siege towers on here......until then - Happy Gaming!

Oh, one more thing - in older metal, I have this old Dragon (think I painted him in the 80s.....) and I was wondering if anyone else has him or knows which company made him....I can not remember for the life of me, even though I KNOW I should know....if you understand? So let me know if you recognize him!


  1. Your overall army aesthetic is good, don't be too hard on yourself! Your master miniature from the old corsairs and dark riders are some of my all time favourites.
    I'd hate to be your opponent if all your witch elves remembered to bring their crossbows....HINT

    1. Thanks, It was down and dirty, but I do love that Master! I have another one converted into a Standard Bearer (but took the Cauldron to Adepticon). That is one of two units of Witches.......but you should see all of the shades (real old school, and they have lots of little bows ;)