Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hobby Update - The Horror of it all!

Hey gang, quick hobby update before I get the Warband Rules all written up (scanning or getting the charts for everyone....)

I found these guys in a drawer (with one pink horror to follow). So I tried to get them painted up the other night. I know the pics are not great, but they look less drybrushed in person. None of the highlights were drybrushed, but they sure look like it here on the camera. Bit disappointed in that, and I have to come up with some cool bases for em....maybe I can come up with something cool.

One of the things that I have noticed is that I have not had tons of Hobby stuff up here yet, and unlike some other lucky guys I can't pop over to Bryan's or Tim's house to take photos (This is more jealousy than anger for sure Steve!) :)

But gaming, collecting, painting, are all parts of Oldhammer to me. Cool old Lead figures (mostly Citadel, but there are so many other worthy choices - I've just been collecting Citadel for so long ;) ), piles and piles of old lead are not doing me any good. I want to paint them, play with them, and in general spend some time with a bunch of people who have/and do the same! However, I do also want to take some time and paint a figure to the best of my ability for the Golden Gobbos in Baltimore. I doubt I'll ever paint like Rusty, Blue, Nico or any of the other various luminaries (Like the painting gods of yore - Andy Craig, Tim Prow, and the rest). I just want a figure done to the best of my ability, that I am f$%^ing proud of. Even if it gets just a "cool" from some one. I tend to paint to play, or in the case of others in a rush for one thing or another (an event - or my kids hanging off daddy as he paints). But I have some time - just over 5 months before OITNW 2014. So I'm going to come up with something that I think is cool, and attempt to make it shine. I hope you do the same - and we get a lot of guys entering. It is not about winning (really!) its more about sharing a passion for something cool.

Andrew Dyer put up some basic rules for the event - so check them out on the forums (or facebook) and get back with him or me. Do we want to go bigger? Include monsters as a category? This is more a celebration of all of us....the whole weekend! So lets make it for all of us - speak up....we have a little time!

Preliminary Rules on the forums

Also, I am typing up and scanning stuff for the warband rules (scanning as I type) and I should have them all set up. As part of this, like Orlygg, I rolled up my Warband for the event. So hopefully as I go over it, you can also get an idea of some things to do.....but we gotta see it if we can! So if you are in the states, get your pics up on the facebook group - or better yet, start a blog on your warband so we can all see your process. This will get as big as we can make it - I've heard of everything from Skaven form Canada, 10k worth of walking undead, too many points of Khorne for me to think about, My orcs, and a whole bunch of other stuff.......and I hope to see even more! So let us know what you might bring. Bring and Battles, the Siege, Warbands, Scenarios, Rogue Trader - possible two scenarios. We are going to have a blast and a host of things on offer.

I'm going to leave you with a picture of some of Rusty's Khorne army he is getting done for Oct. Rusty's running the Warband game with me, and also making some INCREDIBLE terrain for it....I know the plans, and if you know Rusty, he can sure make some gorgeous terrain. So I don't think anyone will want to miss this thing I'll let you know before I go - We are using both books of ROC - so you can bring Warbands from all four gods or even undivided. Anyway, enjoy Rusty's Khorne WIP:


  1. I think those horror look great! (What a weird sentence that is...:) ). Hopefully they will land a place in your warband!

    1. Thanks Blue! Not to be in my warband, unfortunately, but I'm sure I'll use them for something ;)

  2. Nice job on your horrors, they have a great deal of character. Hopefully you roll a wizard and take daemonic magic; they're sure to put a hurt on your opponent!