Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rusty's Corner: Hobby Update - Warband and Spined Dragon!

I already showed off the warband, but wanted people to be able to find it as done by Rusty! Here is his warband:

And I know Rusty put up some of these photos on the FB group, but here is some cool looks of his Spined Dragon (and not shown on facebook, even a glimpse of Kegox!)

Don't you just hate him ;) Not to mention that huge score he just had of Oldhammer blisters, unopened! He's been working on the terrain as well, and hopefully we'll have an update just before we are all getting ready to leave for the big Weekend!

If you haven't yet, start up a blog, or just send me pics of your force that you are planning on taking to Oldhammer USA! Hoping to have another update soon!