Sunday, August 24, 2014

How things grow, reunions, and some more from Rusty!

Well, think I have collected a ton of the BOYL pics, and am amazed at all the goodness, including those incredible metal Fortress and wall bits that Bryan Ansell brought out! And then they had to tease us with the painting wizards that were given away! But we have some great things going on for the Oldhammer USA day as well, and I'm just waiting to hear back from a few people to announce a ton of stuff. And I should have some pictures, and things for those who can not make it to this side of the pond...see we like to share ;)

But I have been quiet because while I was making the initial preparations for Oldhammer USA in Oct, my better half got a bug, and decided to host a reunion for her old gymnastics club. Now, I'm an old hand at sports, having played since I was 3 (soccer, or football to you non-americans) and through high school and into university (basketball). I also played rec leagues for years afterward. But my other half was an incredible Elite gymnast (think Olympic level). Her team (which was developed out of the club) won a state championship when we were in high school together (not to date her too much but - 1990!). She also went on to be on the national tumbling team, competing in Europe and Texas. So before I get into it, you have to understand that these girls were at least obsessed by gymnastics as we ever have been about gaming (before you disagree, realize they practiced 4-6 hours a day for years!). Basically, all the hard work they never show in those cool movies....

So they got together after 24 years, with most not seeing each other since then! They have gone on to be successful members of society (doctors, engineers, teachers, dentists, etc.) and lots of them have kids. It was a great weekend, and was incredibly good for all of them (they are already planning the next one).

So what do we care about (as I put it at the restaurant afterwards to embarrass her a bit) a bunch of "Old Chicks Who Used to Do Tricks"? Simple, the planning for this thing was mainly done by my girl, but could not have happened without a bunch of people lending a hand, time, or something. Same thing for our events. Looks like James initial run last year of Warbands, led to Erny and the gang doing an incredible Siege game there this year. I'm being joined by Rusty, Andy, and even Orclord from Stuff of Legends to get events run and games done - and even more! It is awesome, and I am just so excited to see it all. I even have a small update from expect to see this crew at Warbands time!

Rusty is almost done with these guys, shields and a bit more for the bases, and then they will be ready to take you on!

And speaking of guys who are helping, Vongamer is one of those running a Rogue Trader event. He recently put this up on the forums:

Greets All:
Just an update for the Rogue Trader 40K Game I'm planning on offering, and a bit about the journey to get there. I plan on a 4'x6' table, which I'll supply from my modular terrain. Pretty much an urban ruins fought over many times. My intention, for at least the first clash, is to provide all the miniatures,terrain,play aids,dice etc.

Mostly an infantry type encounter. Each force - ranging from 10 to about 20 figures - starts the game with a NEGATIVE points value - as I calculate from the RT book. So far I intend to offer various Space Marine Chapters, Pirates, Imperial Guard, Squats,a Genestealer Coven, Eldar Pirates, Chaos Marines, get the picture. I can support as many players as wish to play.

As I am "tweaking" the individual profiles to make most figures unique in some way, including equipment (rad counters anyone?) forces will vary in original strength and capabilities. Thus the negative value. A stronger force will have to play more aggressively to gain victory. Each "kill" awards the winning force Victory Points based on the value of the defeated foe, double if eliminated in Close Combat. These points then reduce that negative starting value, shifting scores into positive territory as the game turns progress.

Additionally, players may opt to take on unique "missions" with points awarded for completion - less the longer it takes, or a penalty for failure. (Imperial Headquarters rewards success).
The table itself will also have GM controlled hazards and benefits. You can make/bust deals between players almost anytime. Victory judged at intermittent times during play.

I'm also thinking of introducing some "non-GW" forces for variety (I have a healthy collection of classic Dr. Who minis for example). I used this system at conventions etc in the past. I believe it works well. Walk ons can join without skewing the game. With lower forces it does allow picking up the game concepts easily. The profile sheets will also have the weapons capabilities listed as well. Not much "page flipping" that way. I do like a fast paced game so push decision making. Turn sequence (which player when) is random so no two turns are the same.

After this first game, I expect players to roll out the forces they brought, unless they just need a loaner force.

Some rules I'm using from the early publications:
1- Space Marines in Power Armor get a +1 bonus to hit in CC. Compilation Pg 27.
2- Various armor does slow movement.
3- Squads can start small or large as the player wishes.
4- Not all squad members must do the same thing - some can shoot, some can engage in CC. Just maintain coherency.

I've also found: Psychers - VERY expensive points wise. Equally VERY deadly.

I'll try to post some pictures soon of some of whats in store.
Hope this sounded interesting and fun.


Lucky him, hes about 10 minutes from Dropzone, and is also looking for someone to try it out before Oldhammer Day; so drop him a note on the forums. Unfortunately I think it is about a 15 hour drive for some of us (maybe 16 to 17 if I take the girls ;( ) But I do plan on bringing some old Imperials and some Marines that I have in old chessex boxes (and I don't think they have seen a lick of paint since 1987-88!)

So big thanks to everyone giving a big hand in getting this thing off the ground. It will be a success I am sure, in spite of my planning, and due to all the hard work everyone is putting in, not to mention those incredible figs I expect to see there! Now my two weeks of reunion mess (and the clean up) are over, and I can make the final push for Oldhammer Day! Lots of painting still to do, but I'm sure that is the same for all of us. More to come soon!

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  1. This is sounding better and better! Your blog was a big motivator to my starting my own, pale, imitation of this and the other Oldhammer blogs. Thanks for continuing to inspire!