Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hobby Update: Rugluds see some color - finally!

Even though I have not been posting a lot, I have made some more progress on the hobby. Time has been short, as my other, better half has now lost two Aunts in a month. Basically funerals suck, even if they are more celebrations, and make you realize the important things. But here are some pics of my beastman, sans bases. So my warband is nearing completion as soon as some tufts arrive in the post! I also have to do the banners. Did anyone else see James's at the BOYL? Maybe not that large, but mine are going to have to be pretty special!

So are you guys ready to take this on?

Much earlier in my blog I showed some WIP shots of my Ruglud's unit. I'm painting them up for use with a large Orc and Goblin force that I plan on using at the Oldhammer event. Way too much work to do, and only two months or so. But at the time I was unhappy with how they were tunring out. So I got some advice from Andy Craig on the skin tone to make my orcs look old school. Large part is Windor & Newton Green Apple ink. Now, my skills are not anywhere close to 'Eavy Metal painters, but I am pretty happy with the tone of the skin. Even if some of my brush work is a bit overhanded or sloppy, this gives me a great point for my Orc flesh! What do you guys think?

Of course, these shots are all WIP, I still need to base them, I need to paint shields and their crossbows, but they are all headed in the right direction, I think. Also, on the facebook group, Omar has shown off his. Anyone else have shots of their Ruglud's? Yes, mine are not finished, but I am getting there, and 35 down.....look below for some of what I have to go!

Here is a shot of another old model, with the tone of the old method, not sure on these pics, but they look a lot better in person then this one.....

Of course, every step forward leads to steps back! while I was working on my Ruglud's I assembled a whole lot of my old Orcs and Goblins. I am building a proper Oldhammer army for my game in Oct, and I already am lucky enough to own tons of remarkable Kev Adams and other GW models. But know I'm having to make them match my new skin tone and Ruglud's and I have a lot of these with a horrible white primer. So into the Simple Green pot a lot of them went.

Here is what one batch got me at the end of the day.

And here is some of the units laid out for the army....lots of painting to do, but I am really excited to have a newly painted Oldhammer force. One other note, I have a bunch of old Grenadier Orcs and Gobbo wolf riders (by Nick Lund) and some other stuff that may also be there. And I have lead belchers, rock lobbers, bolt thrower, man manglers and more in another box. So it should be pretty cool when it is all done!


  1. Ruglud's lot are looking great and that'll be quite a horde once its done!

    Here's mine - I embarked on the frankly mad enterprise of trying to recreate the arcane armorials on the shields!

  2. Your ruglud's look great and the paint jobs scream old school. Can't wait for the new world's first meet up.... And to kick the shit out of some orcs. Lol :)