Monday, September 29, 2014

Oldhammer Weekend USA - Rogue Trader Board update!

This is great, Chris Lopez (Darrin) just put up some WIP shots of the board he is bringing to the Oldhammer Weekend! I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him about it, but if memory serves he had a terrain guy building it. But until he can get me more info, I just wanted to post up the pictures here in case they slide off the page on facebook.

EDIT- the terrain guy is Jamie Dixon, who is doing a great job! Jamie is hoping to open a gaming store in the southwest Virginia area! Who would not want to game in a store with terrain like this. So keep a lookout, I'm sure it will be on facebook and on here if Jamie lets us in on the details!

Great looking terrain - lots of texture and a real RT tank!

Can't wait to see the tower up close!

4th time looking I finally figured out there is a bog in the corner....

Great looking start to some terrain that will look fabulous on USA Oldhammer Weekend! Cannot wait to see it - just under 4 weeks folks - make your final plans. And remember we will be doing late night stuff at Days Inn in Glen Burnie!

Thanks so much for sharing Chris Lopez (Darrin) and Jamie Dixon, terrain maker master! And if you want to  play on this awesome board, make sure to get to Baltimore! We will return to my regular posts on Wednesday!

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