Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oldhammer Day Update - Rusty's Corner - Warband Table New Photos!

Well, Rusty has been hard at work on the Warbands table for Oldhammer Day! He sent along a few images to share, which is another section, another building, and a cornfield! He's also working on another part to this table which has the river and monastery - which I cannot wait to see! So It should give us a huge amount of space to see who is most favored by the chaos gods!

I got this a few days ago, just to tease!

And this one.....not bad, in fact would love to have this one......but for Rusty....
You just keep going.
Hoping sometime we can get a bit on the vegetation from Rusty. Look for a future Hobby Update - but after Oldhammer Day - hes busy right now ;)
Original Table with two sections - like I said, river and monastery are forthcoming!
Now we add the new building and the corn field - another thing we need a hobby update on!
Everything looks great in Warband Ville!
There has to be a story behind the hat.....
Now that is a huge battlefield - hope you are planning on throwing down with your warband.
Just about every gamers dream - can't wait to play and see it in person!
Of course, we should also thank Rusty's lovely wife, who not only puts up with late night calls from me, but also puts up with his hobby to this extent! So Thank You - we all greatly appreciate it! ;)

And another thing. As Rusty is out and about, when he is not building, he tried calling a current GW store (In Philly I think). Now that would normally not be a problem, as Rusty was checking on something, like could he bring his Oldhammer models to the store for an event. What he was told actually surprised him, and then upset him (and then me). He was actually told that while the staff would love to see it, and would even do pickup games with him, for the scheduled events, he had to use "only current models". When asked if that even meant old 6th edition spearmen from Empire were off limits, he was told again "only current models". I'm hoping they make exceptions for parts on new models, otherwise all of the creativity of the game would be gone.......oh wait. If you haven't go back and read one of my first posts here (just skip to the Epiphany part- we can wait)

Welcome back - so yeah. Another bit of the sameness taking over, is it any wonder that we are growing (more on that later) on the Oldhammer front. Just remember, try to post some pics of projects - not more stuff to sell (we do have a trading area for that!). Or even better, create your own blog (and let me or RealmofChaos80s know!) I have a large amount of them somewhere on the right side of this page - so visit them, get inspired and share more (and I can add your blog to the list)! One thing I need to add of course, to make mine an official blog will be battle reports. I'm going to have some from Oldhammer Day, but the 15 yr old sprog is working on some figs for a 3rd ed game (probably won't be until after soccer season....mhmm, wonder who in the premier league is willing to pay for a young goalie now ;) ). And I just can't take anymore on....with 4 kids, believe me I have enough! But I am going to make it my Before New Year's resolution to put up some cool Battle Reports (one each of Warhammer, Rogue Trader, and EPIC!).

I also just found out there were a group of guys in New York who did not know about our Oldhammer Day - and now looks like they are going to journey down, so there are still those out there who don't know we are all meeting up, just remember, the more you tell, the more that will show up for Trade and Auction night at the hotel! ;)

Once again, Thanks Rusty for the pictures, and the awesome work, and Thanks to Rusty's better half, we all know he wouldn't be half the man without you!


  1. Awesome work here, thanks for the effort guys!

    I think that in the Philadelphia area, Showcase Comics might let you/we/us use space in one of their locations for an event like Old Hammer. They had/have a long association a a big independent GW retailer, although I believe that relationship is strained these days.

  2. I'm planning on attending Oldhammer Day in October and have begun working on my warband. I'm also interested in participating in the painting competition but have been unable to find any rules for it. Are there any rules or parameters for the painting competition? Many thanks.

  3. Hey Gary, the rules so far for Andrew's painting competition. Dave Taylor will also be judging ;)

  4. http://forum.oldhammer.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2930&start=20

  5. So much cool stuff going on. It kills me that I can't go. I'm starting to think if there is a way I can somehow finagle it. Loving the terrain especially.