Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oldhammer USA update - almost here!

I'm furiously trying to get last minute details done before the long, long drive for Oldhammer USA! The youngest boy is currently taking up room in the painting area furiously getting his warband finished! Can not wait for this - just a few days away now!

But I was working on something in the background as a surprise for our event, and I want to be able to share: we have had some special templates made, thanks to the incredible, indomitable Zhu!

These are really well done templates done by Alex of Ironheart Aritsans! These are hard plastic, printed templates. They are the Stonethrower template right from the 3rd ed book, the big template. we are going to probably do more over the course of a few years, and we can all have a set of great templates! He made the upper white one because Zhu wanted the "feel" of ancient wood!

Now, part of this is to let everyone have a chance to get them. So we are going to drop them to some helpful souls who have agreed to send them on to their final destinations. Basically to save us all shipping, I'm going to drop ship them to someone in UK (or a couple of someones to share the pleasure pain ;) ) who are going to be nice enough to send them on to their final locations....shipping will be much less if we can send them out in bulk from here to UK, Australia, Asia, etc.

They are going to be $10 a piece with 4 dollars shipping in US (like a DVD - avg price), and 8 dollars for international. The international ones are going to be bulk mailed to a consenting victim volunteer, who will then ship them out to those closer to him (ie, inside the EU is a lot cheaper to ship than from US). If you have received anything from here, then you know this is actually a bit cehaper, because we are sending one big box, and then small envelopes from there!

Alex and Zhu are going to be paid, and everyone will cover their shipping, and no profit will be made by me on these templates. Make sure to send it to me through Paypal so I do not get charged the fees (is it private or gift, i forget). But I am not making any money off of these, if I get all the fees, then I won't have enough to ship them all out!

The only money made will be two talented people who deserve it, and the postal services....though they may not deserve it right now. You can order a complete set if you would like, one of each color, order two blues, etc. Alex has been kind enough to let us do a preorder and he is going to print them on Demand.

I'm offering them for preorder starting with this post, and we will cut of orders on Nov. 30th (which is the weekend after Thanksgiving here in the states, and then I can ship them out, hopefully in time for Xmas! If I get enough for two runs, we will do one on Nov. 15th and another for Nov. 30th. So if you order early you can almost be guaranteed of getting them in time (I don't guarantee postal stuff - especially after UPS and FedEx issues last year!)

------> EDIT<-----------
These are on Alex's Print On Demand Queue so he can do a run next week, any orders done by Monday will ship out the following week. I'll be taking orders from those at Oldhammer, and then they will print and ship. Other orders will need to be to me by Nov. 30th for a second run. Good news, you can get them sooner, but you have to order quickly.

Ok! Well, I just saw Zhu's email from last night, and I want to let you all know that any templates ordered before Nov. 9th (including those from Oldhammer weekend) will have the logo fee donated to project alchemy for John Jon Boyce's project. Our guest judge Dave Taylor is also part of that project! I told you Zhu was incredible and indomitable!

If you order a complete set the shipping for US should only be 7 dollars at most, and for International it would only be $12 dollars.

So as an example, Zhu wants one set, of 4 templates, its $47 if he lives in US, and $52 if he is in the UK - or about 33 pounds (depending on day). It would be just over 41 Euros, or just under 60 Australian dollars. (those were current as of this post, for other conversions or to make sure these are current, please do your own conversion). Remember, please make sure to send it to me without fees. I do not want to have a nightmare and have no money to ship these. These are the prices for drop shippable countries (which should include UK, EU, Australia) for other countries I'll have to make other arrangements - but you will only pay exact shipping.

OK - have two sick daughters and a sick wife that I am trying to please before I go off and leave them! I also have so much to pack and do! Can't wait to see all of you at Oldhammer USA - and for those across a sea, border, or just too far away - I hope you like these! And the fact that you can get them yourself!


  1. I'm trying to console myself over the anguish I feel at not being able to attend. School conference week and my wife away on a business trip until last night just made it impossible to attend. I had a question about what "set" means. Is it 4 stone thrower templates? Also, do you know which way to designate paypal to get rid of fees? Lastly ( I may be a tad dense here) what is you paypal address? I only hope y'all take enough pictures to let me vicariously live this historic event. (Will you have any Boyldrick's left over?)

  2. I keep trying to join this site, and it won't let me. I don't know what the problem is....

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