Friday, November 8, 2013

Oldhammer In The New World: An event for the USA and a Thank You!

Well, I have been lucky so far to get in touch with many of the Oldhammerer's in the USA (and at least follow some of the Canucks! - darn Skaven...;) ). And there are plans afoot to have our first event. Unfortunately for me, most of the group seem to be on the East Coast, which means lots of driving. But so far we have a small core of about 10 of us who are looking for an event in Late Jan or early February, and have a possibility of having a few stores host this event for a weekend. This is likely to be in Virginia, so some of us will have more driving, but it has a core of 5 guys right there. Hopefully if you are on the East Coast, that will be somewhat convenient for you as it is more central.

I think it will probably be a bit of "if you build it they will come" (if they are able), so we are going to try to get this set, and then announce it in the near future. If you have not talked to me (through phone or emails or messages) get in touch, and I can let you know what may be going on or firm up what you can do as well.

So far the plans are for me to do a nice siege battle, and I have some help on the buildings (Thanks Rusty!), so I it should look incredibly sharp. I'm thinking good guys in the castle, bad guys outside, and it will be large enough for several people to add to the game. I know of two others who are planning games right now (though details will have to be forthcoming), and I also think Orclord from Stuff of Legends is hoping to run something.

Obviously our challenges for events are a bit more difficult then our brothers in the UK, as we just have so much more closet space! I'm thinking we are going to have to have several events, possibly an Oldhammer Tour, so that we can get more people that can come and enjoy. So get in touch with me if you are in the Midwest, South, West, etc. I'm hoping to get a list together so I can pass anything along if I hear of a group or event that is upcoming!

I know UK is about to have their second, and I know I'm extremely jealous of their events (and that they'll have Mr. Ansell there as well!) So let me know if Jan or Feb could work for you on the East Coast, or possibly when would be better for you!

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who has visited this site (especially with the lack of posts recently!). I think I had just over 1750 pageviews in the first month! That was great, considering I was expecting more like 200! But Orylgg was kind enough to mention me on his blog, and I'm sure it drove a lot of you here - so Thanks Orylgg! And thank you to everyone who has check this out - hopefully some of you are in the US, and we can meet each other soon!

So "Watch This Space" - we will hopefully have some info for you soon on the first US event!


  1. Good to hear you're making headway on this - I'd love to see the American appetite satisfied! Good luck!


  2. Good luck in your endeavours! It seems you are going about this is the right way. Set a date, get a game going and ADVERTISE! As you said, 'they will come'! Maybe one day we will have the pleasure of doing an Oldhammer Tour of the USA! (; Another British Invasion, eh Gaj?

  3. Thanks Gaj - would be great....and we really need it.

    Orylgg, Now that would be awesome - it'd be great, though even better if we could get a group to go to Foundry some day.And yes, getting the event together and then making them all want to come seems to be working as far as others getting involved ;)!

  4. Great to see other Oldhammerers in he US. I'm currently in North Carolina. What is the best way to get in touch with you ?

  5. Kaleb-
    This would be great, and I would definitely be interested. I am in Florida, which is a bit far, but I think I could manage a trip up I-95 in the name of Oldhammer. I've tried emailing your gmail account, but gotten nothing back- is there a better way to contact you? Lemme know, best of luck, and keep the blog going! -brian

  6. Kaleb,

    Sorry that I have dropped off this topic...real life is a bitch right now...and I'm not sure I'll be able to make it to any event this year but please keep us updated with the details and if I can shoe horn it in I certainly will. VA is about a 8-10 hour drive from here so thats a major impediment...but I realize the logic of that choice of location...thats what I get for living in the boonies...sigh.

  7. I'm interested! The devil will be in the details, but I just might be able to make something...