Saturday, June 13, 2015

Oldhammer USA Weekend 2015 - Wayne England Shirts and Prints!

Well, I'd like to let everyone know that Wayne England is having some prints and shirts made for the BOYL event at Foundry on Jul 31-Aug 2nd! Wayne is going to be in attendance as well!

Unfortunately we are not going to have Wayne at the Oldhammer in The New World Weekend on August 7-9th in Allentown, PA! But he has been kind enough to offer prints and shirts to us here in the USA! He is even going to make a special run of the shirts that say Oldhammer USA 2015 on the sleeve!

Oldhammer In The New World August 7-9th, Allentown PA

The shirts come with two pictures available, and will be available in big boys sizes too! Sizes can be a bit smaller in UK than USA, so order accordingly! Here are the two pieces of art on the shirts:

Shirt #1 - Dwarf Lord 

Shirt #2 - Earl the Stinking Goblin!

Wayne also is having limited edition prints made for the event, and is offering preorders on the #s of the prints. There are 6 images available for these prints. The first 2 are black and white (the images above for the shirts) and are 12 pounds each. If you order you can ask for a certain number of print, but they are first come first serve on the numbers.

There are also 4 gorgeous full colour pieces of art as well:

These are available for 15 pounds each, and you can also request numbers for these as well, first come first serve on the numbers. (Shipping to England for the prints is 3.99 in UK, 4.99 in EU and still checking on US shipping)

I'm taking down the pre-orders for the USA event, so that we can try to get it in one shipment, save on shipping, and also, save some time for Wayne. I already have orders for quite a few shirts and prints. Wayne is going to have some examples to show off in a week of so of the shirts. We will have to make our arrangements to allow for shipping time, so I'll announce deadlines soon, though Wayne will have them to sell until they are gone. I'll be able to update this one the prices of the shirts as soon as Wayne has his samples and prices from the printers. Note, these are the prices from Wayne, we are not adding anything for the Oldhammer event, which is why we'll have to figure out shipping, etc. To get your name on the list, email me here!

Graeme at last years Oldhammer USA event! He kept hitting everything!
I'd also like to mention Graeme Davis, one of our special guests last year, who was wicked with the dice rolling in the big siege game. He recently put together lists of all of the work he did on Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. Incredible bibliographies! But he also added one great article for his blog : Warhammer Prehistory: Find the Lady! Great to get another peak behind the scenes on the influences, both cultural and personal that went into the games we love. Included in this post are links to Coop's blog post about this topic on Fighting Fantasist, as well as a link to the Find The Lady pdf itself. Please also note the comments in these as Paul Cockburn, Phil Gallagher, Graeme and others make some great comments and their own views! Not sure it is in the comments, but saw on Facebook that Mike Brunton also did the maps for his (not sure if that is mentioned elsewhere, but want to give credit where it is due)! Enjoy!